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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Three tips to make the closet re-build just a little easier.

Building a great work wardrobe is essential - it helps you make a great first impression, allows you to present your best self everyday and at least for me, gives a little confidence boost in the morning. This laundry list of items unfortunately does not come cheap.

From being a student, to paying off student loans, to buying a house and then losing my job, I don't think I have ever been in a position to really spend as much as I would like on building a great wardrobe. But I think I have found some really great resources to help me build an expensive look wardrobe for less. Let me share!

Envision your goal style, make an inventory and create a list!

Are you happy with your current style? Who's style do you really admire? Check out Pinterest, Polyvore, and CocoPerez (my guilty pleasure!) for inspiration.

Next, make sure to look at the current inventory in your closet. What do you own that will work and what needs to be added to the shopping list? (Hint hint, also a great time to make a donation to the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Program!


This is my number one tip for finding great deals. This may be because I am very short (4' 10.5"!) but if you know your size in your favourite stores, then it because much easier for everyone. Here are a few of my bookmarked favourite spots:

  • The Best for Shoes - With super tiny feet (size 5) the Le Chateau Outlet online is my go-to place for stylish shoes at a fraction of the price. I tend to go through shoes quickly and styles change so fast, this is one item in my wardrobe I like to get for a super bargain

  • The Best for Pants - Invest in your pants! No one likes the pant that gives you a saggy bum at the end of the day. Banana Republic is my go-to place for pants. Never buy anything if it is not at least 40% off and the company sends you a free shipping label for easy returns

  • The Best for Tops - Loft is my new favourite store. It is like the slightly more casual and cheaper version of Banana. This store has new merchandise every few weeks and everything is very work appropriate but modern. I recommend spending less on tops than pants because it is easier to update your style with a few top changes.

Make it a road trip!

If you live in Southern Ontario there is no reason not to embark on a journey to the Niagara Outlets or the outlets in the US to pick up some great deals. My boyfriend and I recently visited outlets in Detroit and found some great deals. Make sure to download a currency converter to make sure you are getting a great deal.

Don't underestimate the impact your style can have on your career. Buy items that make you feel beautiful and comfortable and it may not be quite so tough to pick out an outfit every morning!
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