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my blog!

Join me as we navigate the world of work together and I share talent insights on how to get the most out of your career through my blog Grace on Careers. Setting super ambitious career goals used to be my thing, but now I am a mama to three under five, so priorities have changed and I am all about setting goals that bring balance to my career, myself and my family. Discover career advice, my favourite products that make my life easier and the best wellness trends that help me thrive in this busy life!

my life!

I am based in Canada, between Toronto and Niagara Falls. I came to Hamilton for university, completed my degree, fell in love and stayed in the city. My husband and I welcomed our first son in 2018 and as I adjusted to life as a first time mom, I started blogging during nap times. Now, we have three toddlers under five years old and life is busy. We always have a home renovation project on the go and are actively trying to be figure out how to bring purpose, joy and peace to our family life. I love Earl Grey tea and hot or iced matcha, exclamation marks, reading oh-so-captivating romance novels and leadership books.

my career!

I have worked for some iconic brands - Target, Amazon, Hudson's Bay and in roles from front-line leader, to business partner to program manager. At work, I am a strategic Talent Partner who collaborates directly with Executives, managers and employees to understand the business problems and barriers preventing employees from doing the best work of their lives. I create talent solutions incorporating a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective to improve the employee experience. My favourite work experience will always be mentoring others and seeing the people on my team get promoted.

Thanks for following along, reading the posts and sharing your comments. I really would love to hear from you!


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