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let me introduce myself...

Work is hard!

After Target Canada announced their bankruptcy in February 2015 and I very publicly lost my job, I started this blog to share my perspective, experience and guidance on navigating the world of work. Since then, I have been working in Learning and Talent Development for Amazon and learning a lot about what it means to grow and adapt as a leader and employee.

My philosophy and approach in the workplace focuses on being transparent, humble and working your butt off to achieve really unrealistic-at-first goals. I hope sharing my perspective will help others navigate their own challenges and opportunities.

A bit about me - I moved to Hamilton, Ontario for university, completed my B. Comm. degree, fell in love and stayed in the city. My husband and I welcomed our son in the summer of 2018 and I am adjusting to life as a first time mom (and blogging during nap times!). I love Earl Grey tea, exclamation marks, reading Danielle Steele and leadership books and of course cats.

Thanks for following along, reading the posts and sharing your comments. I really would love to hear from you!

grace simpson


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