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I am a pretty pure extrovert - and by that I mean I really get my energy by connecting with people. Whether early in the morning or late at night, I do my best thinking, brainstorming and idea building when I am in a room with others. Today I had an especially extrovert-based inspiring day and I wanted to share.


The more events I attend, the more I can see how professional speakers (in one sense or another) use the same base presentation each time - the stories may vary, but the message is always pretty consistent. And having been a student and alumni of DeGroote since 2007, I had the pleasure of hearing Teal speak quite a number of times.

So, I had a pretty good idea on exactly what she was going to talk about this time around and during the workshop I knew the answers to all of her thought-provoking and stumping questions as well as the plot to all the stories she told yet, I left the morning with a pure sense of inspiration.

Well, this had me a little bit perplexed...


Charity of Hope Gala - Hamilton Chapter David Usher (you know 90's Canadian Black Black Heart artist)

Later the evening I attended the Charity of Hope Gala in Hamilton at Carmen's. And after enjoying the ginormous portions of chicken cutlet and oreo cheesecake the MC for the evening announced the guest speaker of the evening as David Usher. Being a member of the Britney Spears army, I was not looking forward to overly loud and almost old school music for an hour. Well, let me tell you that David was a pleasant surprise.

Imagine the powerful integration of a TED talk-like speech mixed with brief snippets of pure vocals and a guitar. And it was not only his style of presenting, but the topic of creativity that made an impact.

idea + structure = creativity

David purposes that ideas are the easy part of the creativity equation and that any group of people with a bottle of wine and boardroom can generate ideas for ages. 95% of the equation relies on structure to turn the ideas into something tangible and truly creative.

So, now I better understand why I was so inspired by a speech I had heard at least four times from the same individual. Ideas alone do not bring you inspiration or creativity. It is the structure or the application or the plans that build on these ideas to guide the inspiration in your life.

For me, take this blog. It was just an idea to share my leadership and business experiences with others. But, through lots of blog research I really learned a lot about the structure needed to build a blog that made an impact. And I am so excited when I see my "stats" page and 35 people read my last post. That is amazing to me! And while the number may not be impressive to some, I think it is pretty cool that 35 people show enough interest in my creativity to read along.

Do you focus tend to just on the "ideas" portion of creativity? What previous ideas failed to reach the creativity stage because they lacked structure? Be bold and commit to something you are intimidated by, scared of, or have not made the time for and get the creativity flowing.

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